Solar energy

                        By Katherine (age 11)

Let’s talk about solar panels. For instance solar panels for houses, these are great for the earth. They are great for the earth because it has to do more with using the weather or the sun than using pollution which is not good for the earth.

Over 12 million homes in the USA have solar panels. That’s a lot. Some states like New York or Ohio don’t have very many houses with solar panels. They think it is too cold or too dark in the winter for them. That’s not true.

Most newer houses have solar panels and you would think that is because the houses are expensive so people wouldn’t mind adding a little more money to the cost of the house but actually solar panels aren’t that expensive. The average cost of a western New York home is $160,000. Adding solar panels would cost about $12,000.

Some reasons for having solar panels are:

  1. 1.They save money on electricity

  2. 2.Most of them last up to 20 years that might not be enough for some buyers. If you get newer ones they will last up to 30-40 years.

  3. 3.Fossil fuels are not needed to make the electricity

Here are some bad things about having solar panels. Sometimes it might not be sunny enough for them so where you live is a big thing when you want solar panels. 

Solar panels at Beaver Meadow Audubon Center