The Earth Taking a Nap

Wildlife on a highway

A picture that immersed,

Of lions napping at midday,

Shows roles are now reversed:

People locked down in their home

While the earth is taking her nap.

Lions who only at night dare roam,

Are now seen all over the map.

No visitors in a safari jeep

Will turn them in roadkill.

Watch lions peacefully at sleep

When the world is finally still.

Jeannet de Jong

Paul Kruger Park, SouthAfrica Pic.

BBC news,

April 2020

The wind whipping past me,

Carrying the beautiful scent of flowers

~In the air

The dry leaves from winter twirling

~over the sun-filled dirt

Birds chirping on swaying branches

Over the lush fields of green

                                    By Ria

How Far

by Ellen Neumaier

How far can we go

Without disturbing God’s wonders

How many forests can we clear cut

How much trash can we dump in the oceans

Filling whales bellies while leaving them starving

How many minerals can we extract

Invade wildlife communities

Replace them with high rises, subdivisions, factories

How far can we go

Without disturbing the fragile web of life

How deep can our fingers infiltrate

Affecting all other creatures

While humans believe they hold dominion

Mother Earth keeps fighting

We ravage, ruin and destroy

Now, and from the beginning of time

Plankton, protozoa, even viruses have purpose

From minute insect to immense creature

Each species is linked to another

Humans interconnected to all

Is this Nature’s correction

The bull reversing to bear

Has the universe released its elixir

Spreading unseen venom everywhere

Have we already ventured

Too Far


paisible, fragile, sublime, unique, irremplaçable, en danger, magnifique, malade, abusée

Relajante, frágil, sublime, única, irremplazable, en peligro, magnífica, enferma, exhausta

Liza Rivera


It's Turtle Nesting Season

in Florida.

Streetlights are dimmed

Turtle Patrols

check the beach each morning,

cardoning off new nests,

protecting the thousand eggs

laid every two years by each turtle

(only one of each will

make it to maturity).

Precious, marvelous creatures.


the beach has been closed,

the public ordered to

stay off the sand,

protecting a newly endangered species

from infecting each other.

A pandemic has exposed

the fragility of human life.

Pat McClain  3/18/20

Crossing that line

April 2020

We felt on top The world was US,

Like a toy that never runs out.

Of energy,

Of battery,

Entertainment all throughout...

We felt like God

We knew it all

Inventions as our role

For greater need

For evil deed

Maintain our own control.

We felt like God,

We failed as God,

being stewards of this Earth.

depleting soil

Exploiting oil I

n searching for her worth.

We choose to kill

At our will

We can crisp our genetic race.

By our hand

A line in the sand

Can erase what we once embraced.

Jeannet de Jong