Causes of Climate Change

A major cause is the increase of so-called “Greenhouse Gases” in the atmosphere.

Gases such as methane and carbon dioxide (CO2) allow sunLIGHT through to the earth but prevent HEAT from leaving the atmosphere.

This is the same principle as a greenhouse where glass allows light in but prevents heat from leaving through radiation.


Accelerating Change

As parts of the Earth’s total system change, other parts change. This is known as a “feedback loop”.

As the light-colored polar ice melts and more dark-colored water is exposed, less light is reflected and more is absorbed. Absorbed light turns into heat thus melting more ice, and so on.

As the atmosphere warms, more moisture stays as vapor meaning less rain. Less rain means more drought and less vegetation. Less vegetation means less cooling by evapo-transpiration leading to a warmer atmosphere and so on.